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Our Expert Team

Wayne Morgan

23 Years Military Service – Army
Artillery, Mortars and Marksmanship
Double Distinguished – Rifle/Pistol
Chiefs 50 – Machine Gun
National Champion – Sniper Team
National Champion – Machine Gun Team
11,000 Soldiers Trained – All Army Small Arms and Optics
Qualified Expert – All Army Small Arms 

Rich Lindlau

21 years of service 
MOS 11B 
25th Infantry 
Team Leader / SAW Gunner 
198th ITB. 
Infantry Drill Sergeant 
Over 2,000 Soldiers Trained 
Small Arms Readiness Group 
Weapons Instructor 
Over 4,000 Soldiers trained 
M9, M16, M249, M240B, M2, MK19

Dan Harder

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Design and manufacturing
• Aerospace
• Automotive
Small Arms Accessories
• Laser Bore Sights
• Protective Flip Covers
• Weapon mounts

Mike Sleeper

B.A. Boston College
25 years design and manufacturing military optical accessories
• Laser filters & housings, anti reflection, protective flip covers
• Former FSO, Secret Clearance
• Import/Export ITAR compliance
• Federal Contract Negotiation, FAR regulations

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