About Us

At Range Tactics our mission is simply twayne-benningo remove the obstacles that prevent marksman from reaching their true potential.Further, unlike many companies out there we strive to make these solutions accessible to all shooters by making our products “EFFECTIVE NOT EXPENSIVE”. Our first offering the Parallax Mitigation Device or P.M.D. was conceived and developed as a direct result of our experiences training Soldiers. We have expanded our line to include a P.M.D. for the ACOG / RCO as well as a custom weapons mount, custom tripod and our patent pending Laser Bore-sight tool. Put this all together and you have a process for success. The Range Tactics T.R.E.K. or Tactical Range Efficiency Kit combines all of out products in one package. Remember that we don’t just sell the products but, we can come to you to ensure that your team has an understanding of how it all works and the best practices gleaned from not only our experience but also from the feedback of our satisfied clients.Our minds can’t seem to rest and we have several other products in different phases of development as well.  You can be certain that they will again meet our requirement of being “Simply Revolutionary and Revolutionarily Simple”


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